Supporting Virtualization

I’m really excited to talk about one of our upcoming features – specifically, support for Virtualization.

Shavlik already supports patch and configuration management for virtual systems on your network. A running virtual system is just like a real system to Shavlik NetChk Protect and NetChk Compliance (now NetChk Configure). You can scan and patch these virtual systems today to ensure that your running VMs are protected.

Now Shavlik is taking things to the next level. Upcoming releases of Shavlik NetChk Protect will enable you to scan and patch OFFLINE virtual images. Offline images are those that aren’t currently powered on. You may have hundreds of offline virtual images in your VM repository – these VMs are powered on for hours or days and may be powered off again until the next month when they are needed. It’s important to ensure that these systems are patched as soon as they are brought online, else you place your network at risk from these unpatched systems.

Shavlik NetChk Protect makes it easy patch these systems. Simply reference the offline image or folder of images in a NetChk machine group and perform a scan like usual. The Protect scan engine will perform a full patch assessment of each image and results are displayed alongside results for running systems (you’ll be able to differentiate images from running systems in the results view).

Patching these offline images is similarly simple. Highlight the images and patches you’d like to install and select ‘deploy’ from the Shavlik menu. The patches will be copied to the offline images and will be installed the moment that the virtual image is started (or according to its scheduled deployment time).

What’s really nice about this feature is the ability to patch not only the VM images that you know about (ESX SAN drive, folder of MS Virtual Server images, etc) but you can also scan desktops and servers for presence of VMware Workstation, VMware Server, and Microsoft Virtual PC images.

Additional information about the offline virtual scanning and patching functions are available in Shavlik Knowledge Base Article SKB 5788.


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